We want to find players for our Co-ed Paintball team - Austin Crusaders Paintball

Posted Sat, Jul 28 by Brandon from Round Rock, TX in Teams and Groups / 5 replies

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    Our team, Austin Crusaders, needs more players

    If interested, reply and let me know...
  • Marg replied Thu, Nov 1

    Interested in pick up games and def interested in joining a team that plays regularly. Let me know if you're still looking
  • Nicholas replied Sun, Nov 11

    Im intrested in joining a team that will allow the age group of 14 and plays on weekends.Also im getting my friends interested in paintball too and would like to join a team willing to take 4 or 5 new comers.If you have a team near pflugerville please message me info because i am interested in joining a team.How many players do you have?How much does it cost? does it cost?Where do you practice and play games?
  • Leander replied Sat, Sep 21

    Hey I am Kristin and I own a paintball field in Leander. We have lots of players. We are open Monday Friday we are reservation only. Saturday is 8am to midnight and Sunday is 10 to 5. Cost is $10 per person and you bring your own paint. We have co2 and hpa. We also have rental equipment if you need any. Also an on site tech who can fix anything. Our website is www.leanderpaintball.com let me know if you have any questions. (No im not a spammer I promise)
  • Jordan replied Wed, Nov 30

    Hi, my name is a Jordan and I am 18. I am a semi pro player looking for a team. I had to leave my previous team because I just moved to Downtown Austin. Message me if interested.
  • Amy Lauren replied Fri, Dec 1

    I'm Amy, 27 I am looking for a fun past time to meet new people and I've always loved playing paintball but I've never played on a team? Hoping to find some guidance
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