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Posted Thu, Jan 7 by J from Austin, TX in Leagues to Join / 40 replies

  • S. Austin Men's Basketball League needs players on Sun, Jan 17

    Staring Winter Basketball League in S. Austin...

    Looking for players and/or teams!

    Deadline to sign up is January 17.

    - $60/person
    - Great facility
    - Refs
    - Scores/Stats
    - Towels/Water/Gatorade
    - 5 player team minimum (10 maximum)

    Let me know if interested!
  • Justin replied Thu, Jan 21

    I would be interested. Where are games held? My roommate and I just moved here so would we be able to jump on an incomplete team?
  • Joseph replied Mon, Feb 15

    Would like to play. Not sure how to sign up. Let me know.
  • sean replied Wed, Feb 17

    would like to play.. when start? is too late to sign up? let me know
  • Matt replied Wed, Aug 25

    sup yall..new to austin love ballin...6-4 decent game...whats the deal with this leauge? know of any others or a good place to get a pick up game?
  • Joey replied Tue, Sep 28

    What's happenin? New to Austin and looking for some competitive basketball & football leagues/teams to join. Also looking for some great pickup spot. Please let me know!
  • Eric replied Thu, Nov 11

    when does the next league start?
  • Jeremy replied Tue, Nov 16

    BALLER over here that would love to play! Hit me up jacobs9jj@hotmail.com! Or let me know how to sign up! 6'2 athletic, loves to run the court!
  • Jamie replied Mon, Dec 20

    Which facility do you play in?
  • J.P. replied Wed, Dec 29

    Lookin to join a team to play, let me know if anyone's looking for players....jp_dropdeadgorgeous@yahoo.com
  • Ben replied Sat, Jan 15

    Looking to do some ballin
  • rashaad replied Sun, Mar 6

    looking to join a team; savy, athletic, guard looking to play some good basketball. rben21182@gmail.com
  • rashaad replied Sun, Mar 6

    looking to join a team... all-around athletic guard, quick, and basketball savvy.
  • Ryan replied Sun, Mar 20

    I'm Ryan Girardot, President of the SBA. I was wondering if you'd be interested in playing in our state championship summer basketball league this year. Our summer league is still only $75 if you're signing up with a team, and includes your 8 games, custom jersey, shot at a state title, and more. We have made many, many improvements for this season including a 500% growth of the league and the addition of scouts for our players. Please get back with me ASAP with any questions you have so we can get your spot reserved!
  • Terrance replied Thu, Jan 19

    I am interested in participating in the league. If there is room for a 6'1 guard please let me know. I've played highschool, college, and all army basketball while I was in the service. So I do have experience. Contact me at terrance.summers79@yahoo.com
  • Travis replied Thu, Feb 2

    Looking to join a team, I'm 6'4" 235lbs. Inside and outside game. Love to run the floor, rebound, and dunk. contact me at monktravis@gmail.com or 512 5904434
  • Edwin replied Mon, Feb 13

    im looking to join a team. where are the games held at?
  • Eric replied Sun, Feb 19

    I am interested in a league close to Lakeway, so need to know where this league plays. Am an old school good 3-point shooter (lots of practice).

  • robin replied Mon, Feb 27

    when is the next league starting up? we always play with the city but just missed it today!!! :(
  • Montrell replied Fri, Apr 27

    I'm definately interested.... please hit me up with any basketball news and info... ready to play so badly...
  • jon replied Thu, Oct 25

    want to ball, 6 4 2guard going to shreiner college next yr need a team now live to play 299 0009
  • chad replied Sun, Nov 4

    I am interested let me know how to register 905-7225
  • Casimir replied Tue, Nov 6

    i am interested let me know how to register my email Cbissereth@yahoo.com
  • Vaughan replied Fri, Nov 23

    interested.. this.is.mvp@gmail.com
  • Jonathan replied Sat, Nov 24

    I am very interested in playing!!! My email is Mommykey26@gmail.com please email me with more info!!
  • Domonic replied Mon, Dec 17

    Interested in playing. Please contact me at jjimenez732@hotmail.com.
  • trey replied Thu, Dec 27

    Looking to get on a team in a league please let me know if anyone has an open.spot or looking for another player.
  • Sam replied Sat, Jan 19

    I'm down how Can I get on
  • Jon replied Tue, Mar 5

    Where are you playing.??
  • Trammell replied Sun, Apr 21

    Ready to hoop. How do I jump on board?
  • jermy replied Wed, May 1

    Trying to get on a team, how do i go about it? 6'5 guard
  • Roberto replied Fri, Dec 20

    looking to join a team to play, 5'8 point guard.
  • brian replied Tue, Apr 8

    Boy in the house . Play like 19yr old KobeBeanBryant. Hit me up (626)390 4643. Looking for a team!!!
  • Corry replied Tue, Dec 1

    Just willing to play with anyone or team. Willing to compete with the best of them as well as a team player. my contact info 512-797-8928
  • Roger replied Mon, Dec 28

    Interested in joining
  • Ben replied Sun, Jan 17

    I'd love to join. How do I do that?
  • Andrew replied Mon, Jan 18

    I'm interested in joining a team but it looks like I may have missed the deadline. Please let me know if there is still availability and how I can sign up.
  • Michael replied Sat, Feb 13

    Will there be another league starting soon?
  • Chris replied Tue, Dec 20

    I'm a 5'7 point guard and looking for a place to play I'm very interested and just looking for a shot. I'm a team player and I will get the job done and will do what's needed to be done to win.
  • Ethan replied Tue, Jan 3

    I am in the San Marcos, TX area and very interested in joining a team. 5'11'' guard, great shooter. Not sure exactly how to join so please let me know!
  • Steve replied Tue, Oct 24

    Interested... Where do we sign up???
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