anyone interested in some team handball??? Handball

Posted Wed, Jun 22 by Scott from Austin, TX in Games and Events / 5 replies

  • Dont know that anyone has a league in austin but I'm looking into incorporating this into the next couple of months as one of the sports that the Townlake YMCA offers for adults.

    Please let me know if you would be interested


    Scott Barron
  • Britt replied Wed, Jun 22

    Hi Scott. There is team handball (the kind with 2 goals and you can dribble the ball) in Austin. We have a small league that plays at Gus Garcia Rec Center on Runberg. We play on Thursdays starting at 7 pm with a clinic and then game around 7:30. You should join us tomorrow. Its coed.
  • Michelle replied Sat, Jul 28

    Is this open to anyone?
  • Jason replied Sat, Aug 11

    Britt, can you tell me more about the league you are in? I'm new to handball, but very interested. I have a soccer and basketball background and have fallen in love with the game watching the Olympics. Thanks!
  • Phil replied Fri, Sep 22

    Interested as well!
  • Kirk replied Mon, Dec 25

    Interested in joining a handball league. Never payed before but I wanna learn. Any suggestions?
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